Why is the southwest United States so important to the mission of SWDA?

The southwest offers over 335 million acres of federally owned land. Over 490 thousand square miles of air space is available in the southwest, and 484 thousand square miles of sea are open for training activities. This land can be used without commercial and residential encroachment or substantial electromagnetic interference–both of which are a problem in the rest of the country.

<b>Why is the southwest United States so important to the mission of SWDA?</b>

About Southwest Defense Alliance

About Southwest Defense AllianceThe Southwest Defense Alliance, a public benefit corporation formed in 1998, works to preserve and enhance critical defense missions and assets in the southwest United States. These significant operational, training and testing assets are linked by unique communications and satellite systems enabling them to work together in many ways. We engage in communication efforts to ensure that local, state and federal elected officials in Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas and Utah have the information needed to be effective advocates.

A geographic grouping of military bases and installations, land and sea ranges, national laboratories, and the associated air space. These important national defense assets make up the Southwest Defense Complex extending throughout Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas and Utah.


In sum, the Complex provides a great deal of land and sea areas, expanses of dedicated airspace, and millions of acres of buffer zones. The Complex guarantees our nation the best place on earth to conduct military research, weapons development, testing and training.