Jones says Congress, president have failed constitutional obligations

From The Herald – Sierra Vista.    
By:  Bill Hess Tue, 02/26/2013 – 12:10am
SIERRA VISTA — Congress has failed to properly handle forced budget cuts, a program which is designed to last for a decade, Casey Jones said Monday.   With the nation facing sequestration, the buzz word for across-the-board-cuts, Jones, a retired Army lieutenant colonel, former Sierra Vista councilman and current board member of the Southwest Defense Alliance, said members of Congress ” … of both parties” and the president have allowed the issue to grow, when it could have been handled without a major problem.   The lack of a federal budget for the past four years, due to inaction by the U.S. Senate, has led to the use of continuing resolutions to fund agencies is a major part of the problem, Jones said.    Click here to view the full text.