The Regional and State Economic Impact of National Defense

»  These findings reflect the most consistent recent information across all data sources   »  Between 2005 and 2009, the Federal government spent over $705 billion in national defense investments across the Southwest region of the United States   »  These investments in national defense directly and indirectly supported over 2.8 million jobs in the entire Southwest region in 2009.   »  They also increased regional economic output by $1.5 trillion cumulatively over the five years, and increased regional personal earnings by $461 billion cumulatively   »  National defense investments also generated more than $23 billion in state taxes cumulatively between 2005 and 2009


»  SWDA Final Sequestration Study Final Press Release (11/29/12) – MS Word Doc   »  Southwest Defense Alliance Releases Economic Study – MS Word Doc   »  The Economic Impact of the National Defense Drawdown and Sequestration on the Southwest Region: 2009-2017 – PDF   »  The Regional and State Economic Impact of National Defense – PDF  

Between 2005 and 2009, national defense investments accounted for the following:

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